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January 31, 2011 / tiinaalee

books: january

January 1, 2011 / tiinaalee

1. resolutions

1. daily QT

2. Finish reading the Bible

3. Exercise

4. Save money

5. Learn to play the guitar

6. Learn to cook

7. Learn to apply make up

8. Read one book per month

9. Wake up earlier

10. Take better care of myself!

Happy new year!

December 31, 2010 / tiinaalee

happy new years eve!!!

we meant to get breakfast at normas and pick up some levain, but we didnt wake up until 11. eek.

we ate leftover halal for lunch, and then wasted an hour or two taking silly polaroid pictures. we made our way to times square to line up with the best of them. by 4pm, we were situated on the corner of broadway and 48th, ready to ring in the new year.. only 8 hours to go….!

at 6pm, they raised the ball. and every so often, the performers practiced their numbers, and guest hosts would share their new years resolutions. grayson chance, kesha, taio cruz, backstreet boys, and new kids on the block! me, sun, haej, and a million other crazy people celebrated the new year watching the ball drop from one times square. it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.. it was fun, im glad i went, but i would never do it again :)

after midnight, we went to get a well deserved chicken and rice. we ate halal for 4 meals in a row. hahaha ahhh yum. we took the food back to my apartment. right when we got off the bus in front of my apartment, we saw a girl yelling at a guy, saying “you were with another girl!” all of a sudden, another guy ran past us, toward trhe group of people sanding in front of the entrance to my building, and pushed a girl down. then, another guy went after that guy. then a cop ran and broke up the party. we rushed past the crowd and pushed the “close door” button on the elevator several time, way more than necessary. we ate our halal in delight, and partied it up.

to a happy 2011 :)

i successfully wrote an entry for every day of 2010! that would be one of my resolutions completed!! i guess that brings an end to my xanga days.. happy new year!

December 30, 2010 / tiinaalee

i thought that i would be getting a half day at work, but…. i didnt. sad face. i went shopping during lunch and bought myself some flats. 2/3 of my coworkers were gone by 2pm, and the other 1/3 were drinking behind closed doors. from 5-6 i sat at my desk waiting. i didnt even have any work to do, but i couldnt leave until 6. so, i sat there and played angry birds. at 6, i ran out the door and met jenny sun and haej at uniqlo in soho. we parted ways with zenny and went uptown to serendipity. we got there at 730, and there was a 3-4 hour wait. they told us to come back at 1030.

we stopped by dylans candy store to take mandatory tourist pictures, took more pictures at rockefeller, and ate dinner at bill’s bar and burger.

we returned to serendipity, ordered the frozen hot chocolate, forbidden broadway sundae, and earl grey.

then we stopped by the empire state building, 230 5th rooftop bar, the ace hotel, halal cart, and then back home after a long, fun, eventful day!

December 29, 2010 / tiinaalee

went to work. jenny met me at my office at 6. we went to gap, which was having a sale, 50% off all sale items. yay! then we went to penn station, bought popcorn from garrett’s, and picked up sun and haejin!! they dropped off their luggage at my office, and then we went for dinner at lombardis.

the bartender fell in love with haejin, offered to take our picture for us, called her a princess, gave her a free drink, visited her at our table in the middle of dinner, and gave her a free keychain. whoa. work it haej! after dinner, we went back to my apartment to pick up their luggage. i almost fell in the slush 3 times. sun saved my life each time. thanks! we went back to my apartment, and sun gave me presents!!

from sun

from euni

from lxo jane gina

thanks friends!!!! <3

December 28, 2010 / tiinaalee

i found out that yesterday was a snow day. meaning that i got paid for my day off :) huzzah! my coworker wasnt there that day, so i had to get some things done without her, which meant the attorneys actually acknowledged my existence. im also incredibly annoyed with 2 coworkers who are always not working and speaking loudly about their newborn babies, at what time they breastfeed, and why you need to feed babies yellow vegetables before green ones. ughhh. id rather listen to raggaetone. ughhhhh! after work i went to a ups store to get fingerprinted for my volunteer mentoring program that is starting in february. i bought myself cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. la la la la.

December 28, 2010 / tiinaalee

best sleep of my life. i woke up around 11am. i had requested work off because i thought friends were flying in, but their flights had been canceled because of the blizzard. so, i slept in, and then left to meet jenny in soho around 1. i had the most difficult time walking around… the snow was insane, the wind was ridiculous, and basically, all natural elements were insane asylum status.

cafe habana, like most other stores, was closed. so we ended up eating lunch at the closest available restaurant with an open sign. we ate at peels, on bowery, and it was just nice to get out of the snow.

we went back towards soho and spent a few hours, it felt like, at topshop.

went to madewell, ate tea and scones at alices tea cup, stopped by levain, and met jennys brother charles, for dinner at pio pio on the upper west side. we split a bottle of pinot noir, and embarrassingly enough, i was significantly buzzed and super red after just one glass. meh.