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December 28, 2010 / tiinaalee

best sleep of my life. i woke up around 11am. i had requested work off because i thought friends were flying in, but their flights had been canceled because of the blizzard. so, i slept in, and then left to meet jenny in soho around 1. i had the most difficult time walking around… the snow was insane, the wind was ridiculous, and basically, all natural elements were insane asylum status.

cafe habana, like most other stores, was closed. so we ended up eating lunch at the closest available restaurant with an open sign. we ate at peels, on bowery, and it was just nice to get out of the snow.

we went back towards soho and spent a few hours, it felt like, at topshop.

went to madewell, ate tea and scones at alices tea cup, stopped by levain, and met jennys brother charles, for dinner at pio pio on the upper west side. we split a bottle of pinot noir, and embarrassingly enough, i was significantly buzzed and super red after just one glass. meh.


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