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December 30, 2010 / tiinaalee

i thought that i would be getting a half day at work, but…. i didnt. sad face. i went shopping during lunch and bought myself some flats. 2/3 of my coworkers were gone by 2pm, and the other 1/3 were drinking behind closed doors. from 5-6 i sat at my desk waiting. i didnt even have any work to do, but i couldnt leave until 6. so, i sat there and played angry birds. at 6, i ran out the door and met jenny sun and haej at uniqlo in soho. we parted ways with zenny and went uptown to serendipity. we got there at 730, and there was a 3-4 hour wait. they told us to come back at 1030.

we stopped by dylans candy store to take mandatory tourist pictures, took more pictures at rockefeller, and ate dinner at bill’s bar and burger.

we returned to serendipity, ordered the frozen hot chocolate, forbidden broadway sundae, and earl grey.

then we stopped by the empire state building, 230 5th rooftop bar, the ace hotel, halal cart, and then back home after a long, fun, eventful day!


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