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December 31, 2010 / tiinaalee

happy new years eve!!!

we meant to get breakfast at normas and pick up some levain, but we didnt wake up until 11. eek.

we ate leftover halal for lunch, and then wasted an hour or two taking silly polaroid pictures. we made our way to times square to line up with the best of them. by 4pm, we were situated on the corner of broadway and 48th, ready to ring in the new year.. only 8 hours to go….!

at 6pm, they raised the ball. and every so often, the performers practiced their numbers, and guest hosts would share their new years resolutions. grayson chance, kesha, taio cruz, backstreet boys, and new kids on the block! me, sun, haej, and a million other crazy people celebrated the new year watching the ball drop from one times square. it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.. it was fun, im glad i went, but i would never do it again :)

after midnight, we went to get a well deserved chicken and rice. we ate halal for 4 meals in a row. hahaha ahhh yum. we took the food back to my apartment. right when we got off the bus in front of my apartment, we saw a girl yelling at a guy, saying “you were with another girl!” all of a sudden, another guy ran past us, toward trhe group of people sanding in front of the entrance to my building, and pushed a girl down. then, another guy went after that guy. then a cop ran and broke up the party. we rushed past the crowd and pushed the “close door” button on the elevator several time, way more than necessary. we ate our halal in delight, and partied it up.

to a happy 2011 :)

i successfully wrote an entry for every day of 2010! that would be one of my resolutions completed!! i guess that brings an end to my xanga days.. happy new year!


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