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December 26, 2010 / tiinaalee

happy birthday to me!

hannah came downstairs again to wake me up. we were wearing near matching pjs! they were both red, hers with white snowflakes, and mine with white stars.

i went upstairs and saw that valerie had decorated for my birthday! (thanks!) hannah gave me a birthday princess headband, and ray made me a special latte that read “25.” i also got a breakfast cupcake and a carebear candle to blow out. well, to watch being blown out by josh, charlotte, and then hannah. i packed up my things, said farewell to the kiddies, and my brother took me to the bus stop. it started snowing a tiny bit on the way to the bus station, and jenny called me to say that the blizzard was in full effect in ny. the bus was once again packed, but this time i wasnt crammed next to an oversized person with no sense of personal space. so, big improvement there! the 4 hour bus ride consisted of listening to my ipod, reading my current book “kafka on the shore”, and eating the adorable lunch that my brother had packed for me! the bus ride took an extra 2 hours due to the blizzard. im just grateful that my bus made it back to ny at all, and safely too! when i got off the bus, i was only outside for about 45 seconds before going into penn station. i was covered in snow!!!! ahhh wonderful!!! for now, this blizzard is amazing!!! i went home to unpack and check my mail. more goodies for me!

thanks for the cards and presents!

i rushed out to meet jenny at columbus circle for dinner. we ate at landmarc, played in the snow, and said farewell by 10pm. this was by far, the most tame birthday i have possibly ever had. hmmm… cant help but think how different it would have been if i had still been in LA.

though it took some nudging, i decided to look at this from a positive angle. i am grateful that i have family close enough to depend on, friends who remain close (despite distance), parents who love me more and more every year, a brother who looks out for me, a God that provides, and an opportunity to explore a new city, with new friends and new challenges.

oh, and of course, wise words of encouragement  from my dear brother.

so, happy 25th birthday to me! i am blessed

December 25, 2010 / tiinaalee

merry christmas! hannah came downstairs to wake me up bright and early and told me that santa had brought them presents. i went upstairs with her and everyone was around the tree, ready to rip open their presents.

josh asked me which pirate this belonged to. i had no idea.. i was wondering which pirate had a hook. duh. captain hook. completely slipped my mind. and then of course sent this to sepideh, because thats the kind of thing she would appreciate :) the kids opened their presents from santa and it was a battlefield. there was so much wrapping paper, the floor has disappeared. hannah and charlotte got a go go my waking puppy, and josh got a bug making kit. when they got to opening the presents that i had gotten for them, i was nervous. i got them books…. yeah, im that kind of aunt. i had watched a youtube video the night before, about a 3 year old who gets a book for christmas. his response? “what the heck is this, a book for christmas?” ahhhh. at best, i was hoping the kids would look at the book and toss it aside and make their wayt to the next pile of gifts. at worst i was expecting them to cry and tell me i was their least favorite aunt. luckily, my nieces and nephews are little smarties and happen to like books :) hannah got a rapunzel look and find book, charlotte got a rapunzel sticker book, and josh got a lego sticker book. they seemed pretty happy with them, so yay! after the present opening event, i went back to sleep… for 3 hours. when i woke up around noon , i found out that it had been snowing, and i had completely missed it. sad face. the next few hours consisted of a little bit of cleaning up, dressing the kids up real cute, and my brother cooking a christmas feast. we also skyped with chris abnd jung to check in on their first christmas tree. their decorations are even worse than mine!! ahaha. so so sad. around 5, i watched the first quarter of the lakers heat game. again, sad face. ugh and those shoes!!! i blame the shoes for their miserable performance! i went upstairs and saw that valeries parents and sister had arrived. we were waiting on valeries brother, his wife, and two kids to arrive for dinner. dinner was delicious! (thanks brother!)

i sat between hannah and charlotte, the best seat in the house. hannah made us all adorable name tags to enforce the seating assignments. we ate prime rib, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, salad, fried shrimp, and spanish wine. yum!

we played games with the kids, and after all their sugar, they started going a little nuts. everyone left, the kids went to sleep, and i went downstairs to the basement. i watched elf. i love love elf. then… i made a bad decision and watched that awful nicholas cage movie, knowing. gahh. so terrible! i got really scared. so scared, i had to call sarah to distract myself from the creatures i thought were lurking in the shadows. and then… i went to sleep.

December 24, 2010 / tiinaalee

Merry christmas eve! Woken up by hannah and charlotte as they were jumping on my bed. Valerie made me pancakes for breakfast and ray made me coffee :) thanks!

The kids got to open the presents that uncle chris bought them, so we played with squinkies, mighty beanz, and a teacup pig!

We went to a christmas eve service at grace community and the kiddies sat with us during service. Hannah sat next to me, and covered my mouth when I was singing. That’s just how tone deaf I am. Sad but true. We came back from church, played with more toys, and did a little prep work for christmas.

We opened the presents in our stockings, I got candy and a dvd! Given the super short notice that I would be joining them for christmas, I think valerie made me an amazing stocking! Then we ate dinner while watching charlie brown christmas. I wrapped presents, watched the holiday on tv, and that was pretty much it! Quite a difference from christmas eve last year. I forget what I did during the day, but I remember going to watch the midnight screening of sherlock holmes with some church friends :)

December 23, 2010 / tiinaalee

I woke up at 7, fell asleep and woke up again at 830. Gahhhh. I got ready and left around 915. It was a nice slow day at work… I had plenty to keep me busy, but nothing that caused me any stress. Everyone else was pretty much not working. One of my coworkers asked if I liked eggnog. I told him that ive never tried it. He gave me a cup, I took a sip, and looked up with shock in my eyes. He then let me know that he had slipped in his own special ingredient, bourbon. Ahhh. So I gave it away to another coworker who doesn’t turn red when they drink. I did all my work…. And left at 4. I ignored my appointment at 420 for finger printing. Instead, I decided to rush home in hopes if making it to the post office before they closed. They always leave me notices of missed packages on the weekend, and I never have time to pick them until the next weekend. Their store hours are the same as my work hours, so that is incredibly irritating. I made it to the post office by 440 and waited in line to pick up my package!

It was a present from jung, complete with not one, but two cards! One for my birthday and another for christmas! I packed quickly and left for penn station. I made it there at 615. I was 15 minutes late for my 6 pm bus to baltimore and wasn’t sure what would happen next. But, when I got there, there were still a mob of people waiting for a bus, and it turned out they were still waiting for the 5 pm bus! Im not very aggressive in unfamiliar situations, so I stood back while people were clamoring and complaining about the delay. To my advantage, the worker designated me as the front of the line, so I became first in line to take the 5 pm bus if there was any extra space. Annndddd I made it on the bus! First of only 3 6 pm ticket holders allowed to upgrade to the 5 pm bus. Lucky me! Lucky that I didn’t miss my bus, and even luckier that I was allowed on the earlier bus! On the bus however, I had to sit next to a rather large man who thought he was entitled to both seats. He kept inching me out! Every time I shifted away from him, he seemed to take it as an invitation to move closer! I ended up sitting with my legs currently in the aisles. Oh well!

My brother picked me up from the bus stop, and we went to get dinner at sonic! Then I went back to his house and pretty much went straight to sleep.

December 23, 2010 / tiinaalee

work work work. they installed some art pieces behind my desk.. they are.. photographs of the undersides of airplanes. its.. weird. its aesthetically pleasing, but it makes no sense why they are there. they were meant to provide color to our barren white walls, but oddly enough, they chose to place them in large white frames. anyway, i took lunch and went to chipotle. is it weird that ive had chipotle 3 times already since i moved here 3 months ago? it’s just so close and delicious! anyway, on my way to lunch i saw a girl throwing up on the sidewalk. not classy. went back to work, stayed until about 730, went to kmart with intentions to buy wrapping paper. an hour later, all i came out with was toilet paper and an almond joy. i looooove coconut!!

and when i got home….. i had 2 evenelopes in my mail box!!! yay yay yay. two christmas cards for me!! i ate dinner… watched part of the knicks v. thunder game.. and all of a sudden it was time for bed. where does the time go…

oh, and from monday, gina and i bought the same jacket :)

December 22, 2010 / tiinaalee

Woke up, took a drink from my hello kitty water dispenser, and got ready for work. Said farewell to gina, who was flying back to los angeles in a few hours.

I went to work, went to the bank during lunch, saw an adorable picture of bambi that my mom emailed to me, stayed late to finish up my work, and left around 730.

I went to times square to go christmas shopping at toys r us and the disney store, which were both swamped with tourists and lacking in inventory. Then I went to the public safety department on my island to report my possible break in. I was given a phone number I already had and that I should stop by during normal business hours. I said I wouldn’t be able to do so, and he asked if I had a 9-5 job. I said yes. His response was “shit.” Well now, that’d not very encouraging. So I went back home, made dinner and was sleeping by 130. I need to start going to bed earlier. I can’t live on this sleeping schedule, always yawning at work…

December 21, 2010 / tiinaalee

Woke up allllll alone. Parents are probably back home in california, ray is back in maryland and gina is in new york state visiting her relatives. I went to work and was a little bit bombarded with things to do since everyone else but me is taking off for the holidays but me, leaving me with their unfinished work. Gina and her cousin stopped by to drop off her purchases. During lunch I went to uniqlo and bought myself a down jacket, compliments of my mama as an early christmas present.

Gina stopped by again at the end of my workday, and we left to get dinner at shake shack with jennifer. Yum. We sat outside in the cold, watching youtube videos of baby bull dogs struggling to roll over. Ahhh so cute! Next stop, mamouns for some tea and falafels. We intended on searching for a third dinner, but none of us were able to think about any more food. So, in search of warmth, we ended up going an amc near penn station and watched burlesque. Jennifer happened to have three free tickets, and even bought us popcorn and sourpatch kids. We got to the theater early and had 40 minutes to waste.. So we played angry birds and watched the youtube peace treaty video. Hilarious. The movie was actually pretty good too, I forget how talented christina aguilera is. After the movie, we parted ways. Gina and I had the worst time waiting for the F train. We couldn’t figure out who had been the lead in “the other boleyn girl” and it was driving us crazy. Even worse when we looked up that it was natalie portman. So anti climactic. When I got back home,i noticed that the door was kind of closed differently than I usually prefer… And then when I saw my bathroom there were dirty footprints all over the floor and the curtain was pushed to the right even though I always push it to the left. Soooooo I called maintenance to see if someone had come by before I irrationally start freaking out. All they said they could doo was take down my number and hand someone call me back in the morning. Idiots. Bolted the door shut and went to sleep.